Monday, 12 August 2013

Lets see what today brings ?

I rang for a pead appointment yesterday expecting to wait weeks as per usual but lucky us he had a cancellation so off we went . I am really over no car as it took us just on a hour to get 10 minutes down the road !! 
Anyhows (as R would say) it really was a waste of trip as the pead wants another full pysch assessment before giving any new medications as if he gives him something to help with the anger issues it could trigger his suicidal thoughts to be much worse :(  To gain a physch report we have tog o through CAMHS (Child /adult mental health services) This could take weeks and I am at my wits end now. If I had more cash I wuld seriously go private but that is not a option. 
I must say yesterday with R was a reasonably good day, but you are always on edge waiting , I find it hard to start anything as if he starts then I do not get it finished then get depressed.

Also today I had to engage a professional cleaner for my vacate clean of the other house !! The real estate was so picky that I was so flabbergasted . After scrubbing baths, showers, wiping cupboards mopping floors with bleach they had the gall to say they were still dirty !! People that know me , know that I clean thoroughly !! So even though it is going to cost me money I am paying someone to clean the house for me. 
So budget was blown out this week but fingers crossed it makes I get my bond back !!

That is all for today as I need to go to the other house and open for the cleaners. 

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