Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Slowly but surely ?

Things have been pretty calm this week , just the usual not going to school.
Though there has been a little stress with our house guest as much as I love having her and her bubba here it is putting the dynamics of the house out of whack. 
R gets fustrated when the bubba cries or is baby stuff in the way. Also with one couch in the house makes it difficult for us all to sit .
R has really takjen to L's boyfriend and they get along so well . L is R's sister and she also seems to know how to deal with him so it is good at times because they take him for a afternoon here and there and I can have some work or me time.
The mental health unit was great had a hour long phonecall and they will ring back Monday to see what we can implement to help R . The lady was very understanding and knew what she was talking about and was worried about my boy.
It is so nice for someone to actually believe me when I talk about what he does and won't do.
R's main teacher from school rang also yesterday and we had a chat she is also someone that seems to understand as well. R was going to school today as he loves wednesdays but this teacher won't be there so he is now going friday (fingers crossed) .
I have also been busy and upped 2 out of 3 payments for my debts , only a extra 5 and 10 dollars but it is something.
Business course is finished , just putting the finishing touchs on my business plan to hand in for final assesment.
Also busy stitching away as I had awesome sales at the market depleting my stock . So fingers crossed things are coming back slowly but surely.

Monday, 12 August 2013

Lets see what today brings ?

I rang for a pead appointment yesterday expecting to wait weeks as per usual but lucky us he had a cancellation so off we went . I am really over no car as it took us just on a hour to get 10 minutes down the road !! 
Anyhows (as R would say) it really was a waste of trip as the pead wants another full pysch assessment before giving any new medications as if he gives him something to help with the anger issues it could trigger his suicidal thoughts to be much worse :(  To gain a physch report we have tog o through CAMHS (Child /adult mental health services) This could take weeks and I am at my wits end now. If I had more cash I wuld seriously go private but that is not a option. 
I must say yesterday with R was a reasonably good day, but you are always on edge waiting , I find it hard to start anything as if he starts then I do not get it finished then get depressed.

Also today I had to engage a professional cleaner for my vacate clean of the other house !! The real estate was so picky that I was so flabbergasted . After scrubbing baths, showers, wiping cupboards mopping floors with bleach they had the gall to say they were still dirty !! People that know me , know that I clean thoroughly !! So even though it is going to cost me money I am paying someone to clean the house for me. 
So budget was blown out this week but fingers crossed it makes I get my bond back !!

That is all for today as I need to go to the other house and open for the cleaners. 

Sunday, 11 August 2013


Morning, the slacker in me has not got back to here but I must say I am still paying my debts off and am happy about that be it only a small amount each week it is still something !
My other main problem is my 12 year old son , this will sound harsh but I am at my wits end and some days wish someone would take him away.
After a family weekend away which is rare as I despise taking him out in public , a relative said something to me and I will be making another appointment to the pead to see about diff meds as the one he is on is helping with some symptoms but not the anger issues , the selfishness, the hate, the cursing, the violence and so much more. 
Sounds like a spoilt child ? Yes he very well could be but his behaviour shows otherwise. I am sick of being bruised and battered , I am sick of not being able to go out without him , I am sick of him annoying his siblings to the stage they get angry (which he wants) then I have to sit on him and hold him down then I get punched kicked , even bit last night. I have had pitchforks aimed at me, I have had sticks, stones you name it and I have had it thrown at me. He wrecks the house the furniture, he has no care for anything. He does what he wants when he wants . You ask why don't I discipline ? Well I do but he has no regard for authority ! This year for school he would be lucky to have gone a whole 5 weeks out of 20 plus !! I just cannot get him there , the meltdown is not worth it :( I am worried the department will come get me.
I have just finished a course and wish to open my own shop and make a successful business but I am so worried that I will fail as I cannot leave him home with his siblings, he will not go to school and he will just misbehave if he comes with me.
Oh how I would love a day of peace , no arguing (bickering is ok) a lovely day out  or even some time to myself.
But I just keep smiling and trying to go forward !!