Monday, 1 July 2013

The HIGHS before the Lows !

Good Morning , The 1st of July is here !
The end of one financial year and the start of another .
Slack me has not done bookwork for 2 years ! YES you read right 2 years so this is my aim this week to get down and go through bank statements, paypal figures, website figures and the likes to try and put some semblance to the numbers to send to my accountant.
WHY you ask have I not done my tax ? First I am slack , second my last partner did not believe in me or my business and a few things to him were not important , tax being one. 
On the way to the new me and getting on top of my finances this HAS to be done and SENT this week !!
Secondly we have applied for a cheaper house so fingers crossed for a approval this week and we can start the moving process .
I was a bit worried about finances and having to pay 2 rents for a couple of weeks, where will i find bond etc. But once again the universe is helping me well centrelink is. I forgot because I receive carers allowance for one of my children I also receive a lump sum at end of financial year. I also will receive the school kids bonus all in time for the move . Coincidence ? Who cares it is going to help . Yes I probably should pay the credit cards with this but moving will lower our costs in the long run and I can put the extra money onto the cards.
Also the last week the business had some awesome sales and a great day at the market yesterday so that has really helped as well with the finances.
I have made a payment plan for the dud business deal and also the credit cards now get a extra $5 per week .
I am going to have the home phone disconnected as I can use this same amount of money to give my boys a mobile each with unlimited calls and actually works out $10 cheaper. 
well that is all I have to update with today.
I will let you all know if I am approved for the house and the budget tips I intend to have for that. 

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