Monday, 24 June 2013


I am really not liking myself . I tend to rely on others to try and help me out or sweep the debt letters under the carpet, refuse the phonecalls and hope they all dissapear. BUT you know they don't and I am really at te bottom this time with no way of gaining a loan because of a bad credit. Should I blame my failed relationship ? In some parts yes I think I should but in reality it really was my fault ! (WOW cannot believe I just admitted it is my fault) And it is MY fault NOONE elses but MINE so I need to really take responsibilty and deal with it. So here are my debts for all to see and honestly I do not care anymore. If my family and friends see so be it . My family will only say its all your fault told you so , you won't see sympathy or help from them. My friends will no doubt say why didn't you say , we could try and help !!  Amazing the difference between the two really when most times it is family that try and help.
Debts ................
Credit cards $6000 and a bad mark on each :(
A old business acquaintance            $400 with lawyers fees
That is all to some it is huge to some it is little to me it is embarrassing .

My first thing is to find a cheaper home , we pay $410 a week rent here and it really puts a dent in the budget !! 
Today we are applying for a house that is $85 cheaper so fingers crossed we are approved , even though we will have break lease fees and have to do carpets and make sure this house is all beautiful and clean in the long run . I think it will be much better also more central and closer to town so less petrol and boys can ride to school .

Well that is all I have for now as I need to knuckle down and clean my house , go through and see if there is any items i could sell to pay off these cards quicker.
Oh the other thing is I run a Sewing Business and I tend to spend my home money on that so from now on I will only be using the fabric I have on hand and not taking on any custom orders. 

I am really determined this time to do this on my own and get my life back on track !!

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